Available Cable digital keyboard with BUS or Wireless digital keyboard

Cable digital keyboard with backlit keys and BUS signal transmission complete with decoder.

Wireless digital keyboard (via radio with battery) with backlit keys to be combined with a 433,92 MHz self-learning radio receiver or with an electronic control unit with built-in radio receiver enabled for rolling code.

Cable digital keyboard with BUS signal transmission. Product compatible with: 200K995MA-B and 200K995MA-S.


• Numbers visible even at night, easily clickable with low margin of error
• Case in strong painted aluminium alloy, resistant to burglary attempts and vandalism
• Two-channel technology to combine the possibility of opening and closing two automations with the same code.
• Ability to manage up to a maximum of 4 codes (2 to 8 digits), then 8 automations..
• surface or post mount
• Degree of protection: IP 54

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