T-LINE double leaf

Automation for double leaf sliding doors up to 130 + 130 Kg

T-LINE is TAU’s automation for pedestrian sliding doors. It is conceived for busy environments, where a fast opening speed is required, as well as for domestic environments, where softer and more controlled movements are needed. Thanks to its simple and elegant design, the silent T-LINE automation can easily match any type of house furniture. T-LINE automatic sliding door is easy to install and control, thanks to some smart devices such as the self-support beam and its cover. Every automation system must be completed with opening, safety and control devices according to the existing legislation.


• commercial use
• emergency operation with integrated backup battery pack (optional)
• max. door panel weight 2 x 130 kg
• max. clear passage width 3100 mm
• in accordance with EN 16005 standards


• intensive use
• ideal for offices, supermarkets, hospitals and busy environments
• obstacle detection and crush prevention
• large vertical (20 mm) and horizontal (36 mm) leaf adjustment range
• assisted cover opening


It is possible to unlock the automation manually thanks to the simple and intuitive side handle. It can be placed to the left or to the right of the aluminium beam.


A track that lays on an anti-vibration gasket ensures a silent and flowing movement of the door. The track can be replaced once worn out. An additional sound control gasket has been placed between the beam and its cover in order to further reduce the impact of the vibrations.


The steady double wheel track rollers with a third anti-derailment wheel are conceived to sustain leaves that weigh up to 150 kg.


Thanks to the practical aluminium anchor template, the beam can quickly and easily be fixed just by one person.


Manual emergency opening device simple and easy to activate thanks to the central or side handle. The optional electro-locking device ensures the closing of the door.


The aluminium beam cover can easily be opened. It can also remain lifted up to make the maintenance of the automation easier.


A steady DC gate operator with optical encoder ensures and controls the movement of the door.


The control board is conceived to meet any operating need. Easy to programme, it can be set through simple trimmers and dip switches or through the optional digital keypad. In accordance to EN-16005 standards.


Easy to fit in any environment thanks to its small sizes (only 120 mm height and 157,5 mm width)

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