24 Volt.Automation for gate leaves up to 3 m. Opening time 9 s

P-650ARM250BR Irreversible fast DC electromechanical telescopic gate operator with rod extension and encoder. Maximum gate leaf 3m.

P-750D749MA-R Electronic control unit for 1-2 DC fast operators with encoder. Same equipment of D749MA control unit.

Motor power supply

Leaf length max. (m)



• residential/apartment building/commercial use
• for gates leaves up to 3 m
• rod extension gate operator
• brackets to be welded, included
• adjustable mounting brackets (optional)
• electrical connections are easier thanks to the larger upper space
• manual release with key lock
• quick and easy installation


• low voltage DC gate operator
• auto-learning of the gate stroke through optical encoder
• obstacle detection and crush prevention
• works even during power outage thanks to the optional backup battery
• fast operating speed
• soft start and soft stop
• intensive use, ideal for use on apartment buildings and public entrances

+64% SPEED

Percentage calculated in comparison with the 230 Volt version


Works also during power failures


Closes the gate quickly to protect your family

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