18 Volt. Automation for gate leaves up to 2.3 m. Opening time 13 s

P-650EASY12 DX - P-650EASY12 SX DC right or left operator with encoder complete with hinged arm. Maximum gate leaf 2,3 m.

P-650EASY12QR DX - P-650EASY12QR SX DC right or left operator complete with built-in control unit, rolling code radio receiver and hinged arm. Maximum gate leaf 2,3 m.

Motor power supply

Leaf length max. (m)



• residential use
• for gates leaves up to 2,3 m
• low voltage DC gate operator
• optical encoder technology
• electromechanical motor


• compact size
• ideal for big posts
• obstacle detection and crush prevention
• in accordance with EN 12453 standards
• works even during power outage thanks to the optional backup battery
• fast operating speed
• intensive use, ideal for use on apartment buildings and public entrances
• external emergency release available (optional, P/N 650ESE)
• auto-learning of the gate stroke through optical encoder


Easy-to-operate manual release with key lock for the less skilled users. Optional external emergency release device.


Protected electronic control unit built-it in the motor complete with radio receiver.


Obstacle detection and anticrushing safety ensured by the optical encoder. The encoder also manages the deceleration in the closing and opening phases and the adjustment of the gate stroke which doesn’t require a limit switch.


Low-voltage gearmotor, silent and suitable for intensive use.

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