Pivot, die beleuchtende lichtschranke



Pivot photocell exploits technical research at most to ensure you the highest safety: it lightens your entrance
and stops the gate in case of crossing.
Pivot photocell is equipped with a high performance led spotlight that turns on when the automation is activated and turns off automatically once the installation is closed. Pivot photocell is provided with a 210° horizontally
adjustable sensor.



In addition to other spotlights, Pivot photocell gives a classy touch to suggestive environments. Its accurate light gently enriches spaces and environments thanks to its essential elegance. Pivot photocell is an extremely “brilliant” product right from its elegant shape, that can perfectly fit into any surface. Its minimalist design is conceived to have the less visual impact on outdoor environments.



Pivot photocell combines the need for a captivating and uniform lighting with the safety function of the photocell, than ensures the crush prevention of the gate during the closing manoeuvre.
Pivot photocell is definitely a winning product thanks to its unique safety and precision.


Synchronisierte Infrarot- Lichtschranken, max 20 mt Reichweite


210 ° schwenkbar


12/24 Volt Stromversorgung


Externe Lichtschranken für die Wandmontage ohne Löcher oder Nuten




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