Automatic barrier for access control

It may have happened to any installer or dealer in the world of automation to have received requests for information in order to find a solution to control the access by unauthorized personnel. Whether it is a company, a condo or a private individual, the limitation of access by unauthorized personnel is increasingly required, while certain businesses need to restrict the access to their car parks during closing times.

The automatic barrier is an excellent solution in these cases as it can become an excellent ally for access and parking control.

Automatic barrier for access control

But how does an automatic barrier work?

An automatic barrier is composed of a mechanical part (motor and mechanical levers) and an electronic part (control unit) which work in synergy.
The automatic barrier is opened by a remote control, a keypad and a digital keyboard or via the mobile phone thanks to the TauOpen application (which allows you to open a gate or an automatic barrier by phone). And based on customer needs, the closing of the boom can be automatic after a set time or through a manual command (therefore pressing the remote control again). In this way, the end user will be in control of the area concerned.

In addition to its main function of controlling the access by opening and closing the boom, the automatic barrier must be equipped with some safety systems:
1. It must be visible when in action and therefore it is advisable to install the flashing light or insert a led light cord (which can flash white or red/green) in the upper part of the barrier cabinet. Furthermore, if the barrier has an elliptical rod, a LED strip with white or red/green flashing can also be integrated inside it. The LUXE series of barriers is designed for the insertion of LEDs both on the cabinet and on the boom.

2. Photocells must be installed as, in the event of a vehicle or individual passing by, the automation must stop closing and return to the open state.

3. If an elliptical boom is used, it is possible to install a rubber profile (800PG4 or 800PG8) which, together with the optical encoder, in the event of a collision, interrupt the closing and reopen up to the limit switch without creating any physical or material damage. To learn more, click here to watch the video.

How much does an automatic barrier cost?

The cost of an automatic barrier varies according to the width of the passageway to be closed and according to the accessories that compose the system.
In any case, it is always advisable to request a quote from a specialized technician as the installation of the system is subject to technical regulations to ensure the safety of people. Being as detailed as possible on your customer needs is the best way to get a correct offer.

Tau has a wide range of customizable barriers and therefore you can start with your choice from:

1. Motor power supply: low voltage or 230 V AC
2. Boom length: from a minimum of 3 m to a maximum of 7 m
3. Type of boom: round or elliptical (and this detail is generally conditioned by the length of the boom and vice versa)
4. Choice of spring and various accessories.

Download the guide to choosing your barrier in order to see the full range of accessories available for your composition.