A company constantly on the move


A company constantly on the move, with 40 years of history and always looking to the future: for two generations innovation and research have been in the DNA of TAU.
Each TAU product is the result of applying the most sophisticated technologies to an idea, to simplify everyday life.
This is also the reason why all TAU solutions are compatible with different home automation systems. Innovations are the result of the research and work of our technical laboratory. Our aim is high quality, which we achieve by closely following all the phases of the production chain, up to the functional test of each product.


Functional and beautiful. Technology remains behind the scenes of an attractive design.
This is why TAU products are ideal for being placed in different contexts, without interfering with the harmony of spaces designed with refinement and impeccable taste.
It is the signature of the Italian Style, which doesn’t renounce the aesthetic even in the technical details. A feature appreciated by international markets where “Made in Italy” is as a synonym of innovation and art.
A search for beauty, applied to the object, which is not an end in itself but becomes ergonomics, ease of use and harmony with the function for which the technology was born.


Technology must be safe, guaranteed, clean.
TAU systems are designed as tools at the service of people.
Peace of mind during use is guaranteed by sophisticated prevention systems installed in all products and tested for years in our laboratories. The experience of our technicians and constant testing in the most extreme conditions have made our systems ideal for integration in any situation.
Rigorous product testing and design are the guarantee of safety for everyday use.
A control that covers both the mechanical construction of the parts and the production process.
TAU also means quality of work and attention to the human resources employed to develop the business.


Customer Service is a direct line with TAU that allows you to take advantage of the following services:
• Explanations on the installation and wiring of products and systems
• Technical-commercial information
• Answers to questions on technical and installation requirements

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