Automatic hinged doors

Automatic hinged doors

Brink series automatic door with hinged leaves

The Brink series automatic doors with hinged leaves are designed and produced for intense use. The Brink automatic door is ideal for environments with a high traffic of people, for instance public or commercial places. Moreover, thanks to the modern and refined design, it is perfectly suited to any type of furniture, adding value to the whole. Finally, it is possible to choose between one or two hinged leaves, according to the space available and your taste.


What is the recommended use for the automatic door with hinged leaves?

The Brink series automatic doors with hinged leaves are recommended mainly for intensive use. They are therefore suited to be installed in shops or commercial establishments in general. The Brink automatic door can be installed also inside private houses because its look is quite neat. Moreover, thanks to the 1000mm width of the leaf it allows wheelchairs to pass without any problem. The door opening and closing mechanism is housed in an aluminium container that, thanks to its small size, is easy to place.


Why choose the Brink automatic doors with hinged leaves?

Many are the advantages, both aesthetic and functional, when you choose a Brink door. In fact, the automatic doors with hinged leaves are fitted with an automatic opening and closing mechanism and work with an operating temperature of between -20°C and +50°C, to suit any type of climate. These doors are fitted with a radar to activate the mechanism and a safety sensor that detects any obstacles to prevent accidents.