Automatic parking barrier: a practical and convenient system

Reserved parking space

To ensure that the car space is always available and is not taken by unauthorized vehicles, the simplest and most practical solution is fitting the car park with an automatic parking barrier.

This is a strong device made of metal bars that can bend on itself when the space is used by somebody entitled to use that space. Vice versa, it remains locked in a vertical position when that space must be kept free. This way, the same car park can have free and reserved spaces or spaces reserved for specific persons.

Automated devices

The first systems of this kind were only manual and the person authorized to park had to get out of the car, obviously in whatever weather, and fiddle with a key, handle the bar and finally get back into the car and park (or leave). Nowadays, manual unlocking is obviously still possible, but more advanced parking barriers are automated and controlled with a practical remote control. Their low voltage motors raise or lower the bar in just a few seconds, allowing you to park quickly.

The advantages of automatic parking barriers

Automatic parking barriers are extremely practical, allowing reserving any number of spaces; using them can also be flexible thanks to remote controls. TAU parking barriers are available in different widths and are all strong and reliable. They use the best technologies to guarantee not only reliability, but safety too.