Automatic swing or sliding door?

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Automatic swing or sliding door?

The dimensions of the automatic door, functionality, location, flow, anti-panic system: these are requirements and functions that an installer must always take into account, based on the customer’s needs, when choosing which automation to use.
In this article we will list a series of aspects that will help and facilitate you in choosing the right automatic door for you.


The width of the passageway is the key data in choosing whether to install an automatic swing door or a sliding one; it is equally important to know if it is a single door or if there are multiple ones, to know the weight of the leaf or of the leaves, the opening direction and installation environment.


The automatic doors can be installed for different functions and here we are listing some of them, divided by sliding or swing door:

Features of the automatic sliding door:
1. Guaranteed hygiene as there is no handle to touch.
2. Optimization of dimensions and spaces.
3. Energy saving, it help to disperse less heat in winter time and keep cool in the summer.
4. Easy to use.
5. It improves the traffic of people as if their hands are busy with large bags or if they are pushing a trolley, they do not have a door to open manually.
6. It controls and regulates the flow of people.

Features of the automatic swing door:
1. The automation can be installed on existing doors leaving the window frame unchanged.
2. Optimization of spaces, especially the narrow ones.
3. Guaranteed hygiene as there is no handle to touch.
4. It can be installed in any type of location.


Based on the location and the available spaces, you can choose which type of door is recommended to use. For example, if the environment is a shop or a supermarket with large windows, an automatic sliding door is more likely to be installed; while if the environment in question offers very narrow spaces such as a corridor, a hinged door or a telescopic sliding door is more suitable as it is able to exploit the maximum space available for traffic and its overall dimensions are reduced to a minimum.

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