A technology diamond

A technology diamond


In full moving life spirit, Tau Italia aims at continuously improving its products: the DIAMOND family of electrical panels (D749MA – K206MA – K126MA), are the perfect result of this philosophy.

The DIAMOND control units are designed to supply superior performance and capabilities to our wide range of low voltage gate and barrier motors; in fact, the D749MA control unit is designed for swing gates, the K206MA for barriers, while the K126MA is suitable for sliding gates.


The DIAMOND features

On the basis of the ADAPTA innovative technology, the diamond-shaped microprocessor acquires and controls the automation data, this means that in case of variations due to seasonal changes or wear, it allows adapting parameters in real time.

Increasingly more ECOFRIENDLY, the DIAMOND electrical panels have been developed to reduce standby energy consumption to a minimum, to increase battery autonomy and optimize the sun performance.

The SMART technology simplifies programming automations enormously, the user-friendly interface makes them easier to install and use and, thanks to the innovative one-touch system, programming is quick and straightforward. DIAMOND control panels are ALL IN ONE, that is provided with all the accessories required to complete the automation, from the in-built battery charger, the rolling-code 2-channel radio receiver, soft-start, soft-stop, obstacle detecting, pedestrian opening function, in-built diagnostics, digital limit switches and much more.

Moreover, TAUPROG has been designed for expert users.

TAUPROG is a highly professional hand-held device that allows to customize your automation; a wide range of operating parameters, such as speed and strength, can be adjusted. Apart from customization, another benefit of TAUPROG is diagnostics; in fact, thanks to the hand-held device, any errors of your automation can be detected and understood.

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Why choose Diamond electrical panels

Choosing a DIAMOND electric control panel means making your automation more “human“. Smart, user-friendly, “all-in-one” and “one-touch”, programming automations is becoming more accessible, with simpler and quicker operations in both programming and storing. The leading edge is in the maximum customization, the acquisition and control of data allows modifying parameters in real time. Moreover, with the software provided with the TAUPROG hand-held programmer, it is possible to modify advanced parameters such as opening and closing speed, acceleration/deceleration time and many more. The DIAMOND series is realized to accompany the users in everyday life, to change according to their requirements, make communication with their automations easy and give comfort and security in their daily actions.