An in-depth analysis of automations for rolling shutters

What are automations for rolling shutters?

Automations for rolling shutters are an innovative and functional system that allows opening and closing shutters by simply pressing a button. Automations can be taken into consideration by people installing new shutters but also by those who wish to make existing shutters more modern. At the same time, these automatic systems suit the most varied situations, from residential to commercial buildings. Characteristics of rolling shutter automations are in fact their reliability and versatility: strong and functional, these automatic systems guarantee maximum security and long life.

How does a rolling shutter automation work?

A rolling shutter automation works thanks to an electromechanical gearmotor. The correct operation of this system is guaranteed by mechanical limit switches; moreover, if you wish, the automation can be completed with optional accessories such as the electric brake kit and the recessed keypad with release and aluminium security box. As to the operation of a typical rolling shutter automation, it is worthwhile highlighting that, if installed correctly and if the shutter is maintained in optimal state, this system requires little maintenance.

What types of shutter automations exist?

Automatic systems for rolling shutters are available in a wide range of different versions. To characterize every available model are maximum capacity, shaft and spring diameters. As to the capacity, in general, shutter automations manage to support a weight varying from a minimum of 140kg to a maximum of 320kg. If the capacity increases, the dimensions of the various components increase too: the shaft can have a diameter included between 48mm and 76mm, while the springs have a variable diameter of between 200 and 240mm.