Automatic road barriers

Automatic road barriers

Automatic road barriers

At home or at work with maximum security with: Automatic road barriers

Automatic barriers represent one of the products our customers look for most. Practical to place in condominium car parks or in the reserved areas of small companies and deposits, automatic barriers become the perfect solution in all those contexts when it is necessary to find an automatic and minimally invasive product that can regulate the flow of cars and visitors. Obviously, there are many different models on the market and it is necessary to find the right product for each situation: let’s therefore discover which ones are the most valued and how to choose.


A solution for multiple uses

Beyond colours and finishes, what makes a real difference between one model and another is the type of installed mechanism. In fact, right because they are versatile accessories, manufacturers can choose whether to fit opening systems suitable for occasional or continuous use, so as to offer customers products with competitive prices but no less efficient.


Another difference that becomes fundamental when purchasing is the length of the barrier:

in fact, some models are designed to fit long barriers, up to 7 meters, which is ideal for those who want to close entrances and storage areas, while mechanisms with barriers up to 3 meters might be a superb investment to close car parks and condominium or road accesses.


Customised advice for those who want to make no mistakes

For those who wish to buy an automatic road barrier from our catalogue, the advice is to contact us and make an appointment. Our professional and friendly staff can recommend the right product for each customer and find the perfect solution for a purchase that meets expectations.