Automatic sliding doors (aesthetically more compact T-line profile)

Automatic sliding doors


Automatic sliding doors (aesthetically more compact T-line profile)

What are T-line automatic sliding doors?

T-line automatic sliding doors are a very innovative solution since they are fully automated sliding doors. The T-line series has been designed and produced to solve the problem common to this type of automatism that is space. The T-Line automatic sliding door is particularly thin and therefore does not take much room, it is also possible to fit it with various safety systems, such as the double activation radar that, apart from enabling the door opening, also detects the obstacle or the presence of a person while closing and blocks and reopens the door to prevent crashes or accidents, basically replacing the photocells.


Who is the T-Line sliding door recommended for?

T-Line automatic sliding doors are recommended especially for shops and offices or anyway commercial or public premises because the door in question is designed for intensive use. It can be installed also inside hospitals, airports and private houses. The door can be fitted with an anti-crashing and obstacle detection system (radar). The automatism can be applied on glass or framed doors, but also on doors made with other materials, and it is possible to choose between 1 leaf or 2 leaves, according to requirements and taste. Moreover, it is fitted with a battery panic mechanism (optional) for emergency opening in case of a power failure, and the electrical panel is housed inside an aluminium structure.


Why should you choose the T-line sliding door?

T-Line automatic sliding doors are very practical and safe and are the ideal choice both aesthetically and for the dimension of the opening which is 3100 mm. Moreover, the leaves can be adjusted (20 mm in height and 36 mm in depth) to adapt to any structure perfectly, this allows not having to carry out any extra works.