Automatisms for sliding gates: many alternatives for customised requirements

Automatisms for sliding gates: a customised choice

Silent, elegant, flowing and reliable: these are the main characteristics you can have by choosing automatisms for sliding gates offered by sector professionals.
Every reality is different and, to choose which automatism to install in a sliding gate, it is important to observe the reference context carefully. Only after an in-depth analysis, you can choose the motor type and relative accessories.

Power calibrated according to the gate weight

It doesn’t matter what type of leaf the customer prefers: the difference will be just the total weight of the gate that must be moved. The Tau catalogue shows the different power motors recommended for the various uses: residential, condominium or industrial.
All three series in the Tau catalogue – T-One, Master and Big – share product quality, fluid movement and operational reliability of the whole automatism. What changes is the voltage required for activation and the weight of the gate the system will be connected to.

A varied range

Without going into many details about the individual models, it is possible to give an overview of the automatisms offered by Tau.
T-One moves leaves weighing up to 1000kg. The gate small size suggests its use in a condominium or residential area. You can choose the traditional 230v version or the LV version (12v) that allows the automatism to comply with the current regulations and moves the gate also in case of a blackout, using a backup battery.
On the other hand, the electromechanical gearmotors of the Master series are a recommended solution for both condominiums and small sliding gates for an industrial area. These automatisms can move up to 2000kg and are available in 230v or 400v versions as well as in LV version (12v).
For leaves up to 4000kg, on the other hand, a strong and reliable automatism from the Big line is required: in this case, the voltage increases too, rising to 400v.