Car park mobile barriers: the perfect tool for your privacy

Car park mobile barriers


Car park mobile barriers: the perfect tool for your privacy


When you think about car park barriers you cannot help but refer to the boundaries of the open space of hotels, hospitality structures and shopping malls where lots of visitors usually stop. Not only: many homeowners are desperately searching for an accessory that can protect the private spaces of the condominium they live in. If it is true that automatic gates are often invasive and expensive to install, it is also true that mobile barriers for car parks are a good alternative: let’s discover the many uses of barriers together.

Which product to choose?

It’s easy to say mobile barriers: in reality, the different manufacturers have made automatic barriers with different finishes and different materials, ideal for those who want to find the right product to bound the space of their car park. The classical painted models are complemented by those in stainless steel, perfect for those who want the guarantee of a long-lasting product even after years of exposure to the sun, the weather or salt air.
The choice of barrier model to use is dictated mainly by the width of the opening to bound. According to the space, barriers can mount 3, 4, 5 and up to 7 meter bars. To optimize the visibility of the automatic barrier, we recommend a model is chosen that can mount the LED lights directly on the bar.
Various are the ways to operate mobile barriers: in private houses, for instance, a key or a remote control, used to open the gate while in the car, are preferred, while car parks of hotels and similar structures prefer tokens or magnetic cards.

A customised piece of advice for a purchase that does not disappoint

For those who have already decided to purchase a car park automatic barrier, but also for those who don’t yet know what model to choose, the ideal thing is to ask the opinion of an expert that can find the perfect option for your requirements. Tau Italia experts can answer any request with politeness and professionalism, finding ideal models and finishes for any context.