Features and advantages of window automation

Features and advantages of window automation


What are window automation systems?

Window automation systems are systems that make it possible to automatically open and close shutters, awnings, top or bottom hinged windows and rolling gates. Perfect both for newly installed windows and old windows needing to be modernised, automatic systems ensure maximum comfort in any circumstances. In particular, automatic opening minimises the effort required to open rolling shutters and windows, as well as to lift awnings and rolling gates.

How does an automatic window automation system work?

Automatic window systems are easy to install and even easier to use. To automate an existing rolling shutter or awning, simply insert the motor into the roller. Once this is done, just press the switch to send the opening or closing signal as needed. Some systems allow you to act manually and to change the awning’s position with a hand crank. In this case, it is possible to choose the most appropriate solution based on the needs of the moment.

Main types of automated systems

Automatic systems vary according to the window, and TAU Italia has a solution for each type. With regard to rolling shutters (MRC) and awnings (MRC-M), it is possible to choose tubular gearmotors, complete with adapters and supports that can meet any requirements. On the other hand, to automate rolling gates (T-WIN) it is necessary to choose gearmotors capable of supporting a weight of up to 320 kg and equipped with an electro-brake for anti-theft security. This important detail makes automation even more secure and reliable. Finally, the automations for top or bottom hinged windows (MF30) with motor and double-strand roller chain: these systems are small in size, can withstand a maximum load of 300 newtons per meter and are easy to connect.