Fitting automations on gates

Automations for gates

Gate automations are a very important tool in a house because they allow managing the opening and closing of the domestic access in full safety. The automation represents a not negligible structural evolution because it makes it possible to open and close the gate remotely, with the help of a simple remote control. Tau is leader in the installation of gate automations of any kind, giving customers the answers that help them manage their homes daily. Gate automations are varied and particularly sought after by families and those who wish to feel totally safe when getting back home, apart from avoiding the stress of getting in and out of the car to open or close the gate, with everything that may involve.  

Types of automation gates

Potentially, automations can be installed on any type of gate. From hinged to sliding, there are solutions designed for any type of gate: obviously, when buying gate automations it is important to specify which model you are referring to so that the gate can be as functional as possible in relation to the use it is supposed to have.

Types of automations

There are obviously different automations that are differentiated by numerous aspects, the aesthetic one first of all. For minimum visual impact, there are gate automations that can be underground and therefore invisible. These automations are limited by the size of the gate (400 kg per leaf, 3.5 m maximum length). If, on the other hand, longer leaves must be automated, piston motors can be adopted, since they are simple to fit and compact. Then, there are arm motors, suitable for gates with large columns. Therefore every gate has its automation.