Motor for 2-leaf gate: characteristics and advantages

What is a motor for a 2-leaf gate?

The motor for a 2-leaf swing gate is a practical and innovative solution to automate this type of door. The 2-leaf gate motor can be chosen for a lot of different uses, from residential to condominial, from commercial to industrial. According to the context, it is possible to choose between an underground automation and an external piston. The underground automation does not affect the aesthetics of the gate because it is installed below floor level. If there is little space, an underground motor in a small and compact version, easy to use also in cramped environments, can be selected. In spite of the small size, a 2-leaf gate motor can ensure maximum power and efficiency.

2-leaf gate motor: how does it work?

The operation of a 2-leaf gate motor is rather simple. The external motor is installed on the pillar and connected to the leaf with fixing brackets, then, once the control panel and safety accessories (photocells, beacon, etc.) are installed, you will just have to press a button to open or close the leaves.

What types of motor are available?

Different types of 2-leaf gate motor are available on the market that can be compared to choose the best solution for your requirements. One of the most common is surely the electromechanical gearmotor, available in the underground version, external piston version and articulated arm version. The various models are different in both functionality and design. For instance, according to the solution chosen, the gate leaves can be between 2 and 5 metres wide; similarly, the maximum weight can be between 200 and 400kg. In conclusion, to identify the best type of motor, it is necessary to identify one’s own specific requirements.