Study on tubular gear motors for blinds/shutters

What are tubular gear motors for blinds/shutters?

Tubular gear motors for blinds/shutters are an effective system that allows modernising and automating rolling blinds/shutters. One of the main advantages offered by tubular gear motors is undoubtedly the possibility of using this innovative system for both new and previously installed blinds/shutters. Therefore, it is possible to improve room comfort introducing automatic systems for the blinds/shutters at the same time as a renovation job. This solution can be adopted for an individual house, a condominium, a residential building, a commercial or industrial structure and in many more situations.

How does a tubular gear motor for blinds/shutters work?

The operation of a tubular gear motor is fairly simple: in fact, the connection of the rolling shutter to the automation system allows opening and closing the shutters using a classical switch, similar to a light switch. Just as simple is the installation of the tubular gear motor to existing blinds/shutters. In fact, if you want to modernize your existing shutters, just insert the gear motor into the rolling tube. Once this is done, the blinds/shutters will be fitted with a practical automatic system and will open and close simply and quickly.

tubular gear motors for blinds/shutters

Tubular gear motor for blinds/shutters: what types exist?

Tubular gear motors for blinds/rollers are sold, in most cases, complete with the support and adaptor for 60mm diameter tubes. Moreover, almost all models are fitted with a limit switch. Finally, tubular gear motors normally include a 230v motor with 50Hz frequency. To differentiate the various models, however, is the force that is exercised: in fact, the tubular gear motor is available in 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 newton/metre versions.