Car park automatic barriers: types and models

Safe and innovative car park automatic barriers

Garage and car park automatic barriers are the best solution to control safely vehicles entering and exiting areas with a reasonable quantity of traffic: hotels, supermarkets, department stores and shopping centres will be able to guarantee private parking only to people entitled to use it. The same applies, naturally, also in case of condominiums, companies or any structure needing to prevent access to unauthorized vehicles.

Elegance and functionality

Automatic barriers have different designs and functions according to the various requirements. The materials used are particularly important too and, above all in case of particularly difficult climates as, for instance, in seaside locations, it is certainly better to choose stainless steel models. More or less rounded, classical or cutting-edge, shapes, together with different colours, allow matching the automatic barriers with the style of the installation structure.

Which models to select

The possibilities available are various and the choice of one rather than another must be assessed carefully, taking into consideration also traffic intensity and user types. For condominiums, for instance, remote controlled barrier models are certainly better. Thanks to this solution, authorized residents can open or close the gate directly from inside their cars. Rather similar, but slightly more elaborate is the token entry concept, allowed to one vehicle at a time and for this reason particularly useful to hotels, shops and sports centres. In case of intense traffic, it is on the other hand possible to prevent queues and make vehicle entry and exit much quicker and smoother using magnetic loop systems. When the vehicle passes over the detector in the paving, the barrier lifts automatically and lets it go through, closing again immediately after.