Curved sliding gate… how to automate it?

Curved sliding gate

If you have limited spaces and you need to have a large entrance, the curved sliding gate is the ideal solution.
The curved sliding sectional gate is designed to accommodate the geometry of the home fence. There are no major issues for the realization of this type of gate, nor for their automation, in fact the opening of the gate is easily achievable thanks to the curved rail and the articulated wheels.
The jointed sliding gate is part of that type of special, ad hoc solution, where the automation dealer will support/collaborate with his trusted locksmith to carry out the entire design process of the curved sliding gate up to the creation, installation of the automation and bringing the system up to standard.

NOTICE: TAU only supplies the kit of products and accessories for the gate automation, it DOES NOT supply the gate complete with panels and wheels.

But how do you automate a curved sliding gate?

To automate this type of articulated gate, TAU suggests the T-ONE series of gearmotors. These gearmotors are also ideal for the automation of telescopic gates.
That’s because the gearmotors of the T-ONE series have been designed to develop high power combined with a limited size. Robustness, performance and reliability make them ideal for the installation on any type of sliding gate for residential or condominium use, with leaves weighing up to 1200 kg. To easily adapt to any need, in terms of planning, flexibility and cost-effectiveness, the gear motors T-ONE series are available in the 230 VOLT version and also in the LOW VOLTAGE version.