Electric gate accessories

Electric gate accessories

Are you looking for new electric gate accessories? Tau may have what you are looking for! In fact, on its website, the company proposes a series of accessories for electric gates, you just have to choose the one that meets your requirements.
Let’s see in detail the accessories shown on the website, so you can get an idea.


Opening devices: Remote controls and Radio receivers

On the website, you can find numerous opening devices, let’s have a look at remote controls and radio receivers.
“Rolling code” remote controls and radio receivers guarantee maximum remote control anti-cloning safety. They have a 150-200m reach and are called rolling code because the code changes every time the remote control is used.
Remote controls with Dipswitch technology are characterized by great programming simplicity and offer the possibility of changing the code moving simple numbered switches.
They work with a frequency of 433.92 MHz and have a 150-200m range with aerial tuned in free space. The available code combinations are 1024. To see the full range of accessories, visit the website!


Safety devices: Photocells Optic and Fot series.

On the website, you can find various alternatives of safety devices. Let’s see some.
The photocells of the Optic series have compact dimensions and are suitable for any type of architectural environment. They are infrared and synchronized and their maximum range is 20m. They are outdoor photocells, to be wall-fitted without any need for holes or grooves.
Suitable for any architectural environment, the photocells of the Fot series are infrared and synchronized with a maximum range of 20m and are to be fitted recessed. For further information, asking for help or advice, please contact the company using the form found on the website.