Electric motors for automatic doors: innovation and quality

What are electric motors for automatic doors?

Electric motors for automatic doors are a practical and functional solution to use in public buildings and commercial facilities. This type of motor has an incorporated control unit that allows you to quickly and easily open and close a door. The versatile and user-friendly electric motor is ideal for all places frequented by a large number of people, from offices to shopping centres, public transport and cinemas.

Automatic doors: how an electric motor works

Automatic doors are simple and intuitive to operate with an electric motor. More specifically, the motor is connected to sliding doors fitted with a motion sensor. Every time someone approaches the door, the doors open and close again soon after. In addition, the motor is fitted with a control panel that can be used to set certain functions. In particular, it allows you to switch off the motor, keep the door open, allow entry but not exit and vice versa, and open the doors only partially. The electric motor is ideal for intensive use. It is a safe device that can detect obstacles and prevent accidental crushing.

Types of electric motor for automatic doors

The types of electric motor for automatic doors vary essentially depending on the weight of the doors. A wider and heavier door requires a more powerful motor than a door with reduced dimensions and weight. Tau Italia can provide various models of electric motor. Automated systems for sliding doors meet the most varied demands and guarantee top performance.