Garage door automations: maximum comfort for drivers

What are garage door automations?

Garage door automations are systems allowing cars to enter car park spaces/garages without having to get out of the car: in fact, a remote control is sufficient to open and close a door with a simple click. A garage door automation system brings considerable benefits going from the comfort to get back home quickly and easily to the convenience of not having to open or close very heavy doors. Tau Italia, leader in the production of electrical gate and automatic door automations, produces also garage door automation systems.

How do they work?

Garage door automations are a practical and versatile solution: in fact, these systems are suitable for any type of door and allow drivers to park their cars in their garages safely and quickly. The operation of an automated garage door is based on a gearmotor, connected to a remote control so that, pressing a button on the remote control, a mechanism is activated that opens and closes the door automatically. This additional component is generally already present in new doors, but it can also be installed in older doors without many significant modifications.

What type to choose?

Depending on the type of garage and door, it is possible to choose a different type of door automation, with regard to both size and functionality. The two main versions are up-and-over doors, consisting of just one element, and sectional doors, consisting of horizontal panels sliding on a track; unlike the former, the latter doors protrude neither outwards nor inwards and can be chosen, for instance, for places that need to be left free all the time.