Hinged gate automatisms: the best of technological innovation

Modern and reliable systems

The sector of automatic hinged gates is constantly evolving and has already reached very high levels of performance. All this is possible thanks to the different types of gate automations: whether exposed or underground, automatisms allow activating the gates in total freedom.

Operation with installation above ground

For all types of automatic gates, the operation with installation above ground is an eclectic solution that can be adapted to different types of closing: in fact, electromechanical actuators are used for small gates but also for doors measuring 5m per leaf’s radius. Simple and elegant, this type of operation will be totally silent, thanks to unequalled smooth movement.

If you prefer the gearmotor to be hidden behind the column, the choice falls on the Easy or Zip series gearmotors. Easy is a technology that can be used with medium or small gates (in particular up to a maximum limit of 2.3 meters per leaf). As to the Zip series, these automatisms allows simple use with medium and large gates with a maximum limit of 3.5m per leaf. Both these solutions use a 230V gearmotor or a 12V gearmotor with an encoder in an exemplary manner. Perfect for their compactness and small dimensions, they are reliable and excellent for column installation.

Underground operation and unique series

When it is possible to arrange boxes to be cemented in the ground, the best choice falls on underground technology that, thanks to its silent operation, very low visual impact and superb methods of insulation from humidity, allows simple and safe use in any environmental condition. Examples of this type of automatisms are the R30/40 and R18 series.


The hinged gate automatisms offered by Tau are suitable for various requirements and applications. Relying on Tau, you will also have the certainty of being followed by our staff, to obtain optimal movement for your automatic gate.