Telescopic sliding gate

How does a telescopic gate work?

The telescopic sliding gate is the “space-saving gate” since, compared to a typical sliding gate with a single leaf, it is made up of 2 or 3 leaves that overlap each other when opening, thus occupying less space.
When the gate opens, the leaves that slide on parallel ground guides are “packed” together and completely overlap each other thanks to the cable pulling kit.

To automate a telescopic gate, the gearmotor must be applied to the main leaf where the rack is to be installed. The second and/or third leaf will move simultaneously with the first one thanks to the cable pulling kit. In this case, the second and/or third leaf will move much faster than the first, therefore it is advisable to use a low voltage gearmotor equipped with the latest generation electronics that allows you to slow down the gate stroke. For this type of automation it is recommended to use the T-ONE10B sliding gate motor: a low voltage gearmotor with encoder, complete with electronic control panel and integrated two-channel 433.92 MHz rolling code radio receiver, which can carry a maximum load of 1000 kg. Speed ​​adjustment can be done directly by the installer via TauApp.

What are its advantages?

The advantages of using the telescopic gate are many:
1. Even if you have little space, folding doors allow you to have a wider passageway.
2. The door does not occupy the internal spaces that can be dedicated to the maneuver and/or to the garden.
3. It is faster to open and close than a single leaf gate.

When is it appropriate to install a telescopic gate?

Homes have increasingly restricted spaces, especially in residential areas of large cities. It is therefore advisable to install a telescopic gate when there are space problems and therefore it would not be possible to install a normal sliding gate.

What accessories to install?

To make a telescopic automatic gate safe, it is advisable to use the sensitive edges installed on the mobile leaves with the wireless system. Watch the video to see how sensitive edges work.
It is also always recommended to protect the passageway with one or more pairs of photocells.
To open the gate you can use the classic remote control or the mobile phone by downloading the free TauOpen application which allows you to open and close the gate even remotely.