How to balance the boom of an automatic Tau barrier

How to balance the boom of an automatic Tau barrier

In this video we are going to see how to correctly balance the boom of a barrier and how to do the electronic programming of the stroke.

The balance of the boom is an important operation that ensures the right functioning of the barrier. The principle of this procedure is valid for all automatic barriers.


After positioning and fixing the barrier cabinet to the ground, and after mounting the aluminum boom we will install the spring chosen according to the length of the boom.

Before proceeding with balancing, check that the mechanical closing and opening limit switches have been adjusted so that the boom is 0 degrees when closed and 90 degrees when open.

We start by placing the boom in a vertical position and locking it with the key release mechanism. In this way we will ensure that the boom does not fall out while we perform the operations.

The spring must be positioned inside the cabinet by hooking it on top of the gear motor and on the bottom of the cabinet with the grommet tie rod. The spring will be loaded by screwing the nut on the grommet tie rod.

To check if the spring has been correctly loaded, unlock the boom using the key and lower it manually until it is completely closed (0 degrees). When releasing the boom, it will have to raise itself and stay at about 45°. If this does not occur, the spring load must be modified: screwing the nut if the rod does not reach 45 degrees or unscrewing the nut if the angle is higher than 45 degrees.

Before acting on the lower nut the rod must be re-blocked in vertical position (90 degrees) in order to operate safely. To verify the balance we repeat the unlocking operation and check that the boom stops at 45°.



After powering up the electric panel of the barrier we proceed with the programming of the stroke by pressing for 5 seconds the PROG key and starting the memory procedure.

The boom will slowly perform an opening to find the maximum limit switch point and a closing immediately after, always slowly, to find the minimum limit switch point when closing. This will be followed by a full faster automatic cycle of opening and closing.With the last cycle at normal speed the programming operations are completed and eventually the automatic reclosing time could be adjusted.


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