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How to unlock a swing gate automated with Tau operators

How to unlock a swing gate

Unlocking a swing gate is easy. Follow the quick and simple steps below and you will be ready to deal with this situation.
In order to start the unlocking procedure, the release key of the automation is essential. It can be different from the key switch’s one.
The operator’s cylinder has 4 numbers identifying the matching key to use.

  1. Open the safety cap, insert the key and rotate it 90 degrees.
  2. Pull the mechanism up. This could require some effort.
  3. Manually open or close the leaf.

This procedure releases the gate from the operator and allows to open and close it manually.


When do you unlock a swing gate?

Usually you unlock a gate when you need to open it in order to keep the entrance clear, because there is no power supplying the automation, for example as a result of a power cut due to a thunderstorm or a technical failure.
In case of frequent black outs we recommend the use of 12V DC operators with a back up battery.
The unlocking procedure is the same for all operators belonging to the ARM series.

How to prevent the breakup of a gate

It is extremely important to do a regular maintenance on the automation at least every six months in order to check its conditions and cleaning.
The unlocking procedure of a swing gate must be carried out at least every six months in order to make sure that it works in case of need.


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