Industrial door


industrial door


Industrial door

Automations for industrial door with 2+2 leaves

Tau produces a series of automations specifically studied for the world of industrial openings.
In this case too, different voltages are offered: 230, 400 or 12 volts.
Industrial door automations are aimed at 2-leaf openings, sliding and sectional doors.
The mechanism dedicated to folding doors can move structures with leaves of up to 1.2 meters and is proposed in the 230 or 12 V versions.
The advantages of using the 12 V version are: obstacle detection and anti-crushing protection; compliance with the EN 12445-12453 standards; operation even in a blackout, thanks to the optional batteries; possibility of intensive and continuous use; slowdown during the pre-stopping phases that eliminate noisy impacts; movement speed; the self-locking motor and self-adaptability of the electronics to the various gasket problems.
On the other hand, the 230 V mechanism offers greater force and power.



Sectional doors find their solution for chain movement in the 230 V gearmotor. It is an irreversible electromechanical automation; fitted with built-in, easily and precisely adjusted, electrical limit switch; combined with the fact that the gearmotor works in an oil bath and is fitted with a hardened steel screw and bronze gears to guarantee high performance and long life.


Sliding doors and folding doors with side compression

The product, dedicated to industrial sliding doors or folding doors with side compression with more than two leaves (up to 1500 kg), consists of a 230 or 400 V gearmotor, for chain movement with limit switch. The mechanism is suitable for semi-intensive use in large size doors too.