New sliding guides for TSKY gearmotors

Check out the new features we have brought to the sliding guides  for the gearmotors for garage doors, TSKY-B and TSKY1-B.

Quick and easy release system

The new shoe inserted in the sliding guide offers an easy-to-use release system in case of emergency. Thanks to its practicality, the door can be unlocked and opened in a quick and safe way. The TAU slide guides, with their thickness of only 3 cm, guarantee minimum space requirements and are particularly suitable for use in garages with low ceilings.

Fluidity, noiselessness and durability guaranteed

The new sliding shoe has been designed to ensure smooth and noiselessness operation of garage doors. Thanks to its shape and low resistance to movement, this shoe allows for a reduction of vibrations and noise when opening and closing the door. Furthermore, the high quality material used for its construction ensures greater durability over time than traditional sliding shoes.

The codes for the new sliding guides are as follows:

Belt drive rail

Belt drive rail (single piece of 2900 mm)

Belt drive rail (3 pieces of 1 m each)

Belt drive rail (single piece of 3500 mm)

Belt drive rail (single piece of 4000 mm)

100PROB-T *
1 m extension belt drive rail

Chain drive rail

Chain drive rail (single piece of 2900 mm)

Chain drive rail (3 pieces of 1 m each)

100BINCHAIN350-T *
Chain drive rail (single piece of 3500 mm)

Chain drive rail (single piece of 4000 mm)

100PROC-T *
1 m extension chain drive rail

*coming soon

The old sliding guides can easily be replaced with the new models.

New fixing brackets

The new additional fixing brackets (100BINSUPP-T) are quick to install and can be applied in two different ways:

1. Using the adjustable brackets supplied.

2. Directly to the ceiling.

Quick installation in just 3 steps: fast, easy, instant