Led automations. Are you afraid of the dark? We are not!

Led automations. Afraid of the dark? Not us




Tau offers a wide range of led automations to light the entrance of your house or your company. 


VLED flashing light 

VLED is the new high-efficiency LED solution for your automation.

Thanks to its 12 LEDs, it is visible even during sunny days. 

VLED can rotate up to 360 ° on the horizontal axis to ensure the greatest visibility. 

It is available in two colours: neutral (white) or orange, as well as in various voltages, thus being suitable also for universal use.

PIVOT photocell

Pivot photocell is equipped with a high performance led spotlight that turns on when the automation is activated and turns off automatically once the installation is closed. This photocell is provided with a 210° horizontally adjustable sensor.


Pivot and VLED give a touch of class to every installation.  VLED creates a discreet, enveloping and well-distributed lighting that matches the functional component of the photocell, whose aim is to ensure the anti-collision security of the gate during the delicate closing phase.

LUXE automatic barrier

LUXE automatic barrier can be equipped with led strips on both sides of the boom and on the cabinet, in order to ensure the maximum visibility and thus prevent accidents. It can also be supplied in the red/green led version.

LUXE is the best solution to safely control vehicles entering and exiting areas with moderate traffic, thus ensuring private parking only to people entitled to it.


VLED: flashing light visible even on sunny days thanks to its 12 high efficiency LEDs
PIVOTL: adjustable set of photocells with courtesy light for a well-lit entrance
LUXE: Tau’s  top of the range barrier with intermittent LEDs.

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