T-SIDE the new automation for swing doors

T-SIDE the new automation for swing doors

T-SIDE _ automation for swing doors


Thanks to its minimalist and elegant aesthetics, it represents the ideal solution for residential and prestigious environments,
such as professional studios, shops, offices and hotels.

T-SIDE is an automation for single or double swing doors, with a 48 V DC gearmotor controlled by an encoder, for a safe and reliable management of door movements in any situation.
It is available in two versions: with or without a spring for closing.


– Max. weight of the leaf: 130 Kg, max. length of the door: 1200 mm
– Max. opening: 110 °
– Compliant with EN 16005 standard
– Suitable for heavy duty and continuous use
– Push & go function
– ON/OFF switch integrated on the side of the automation
– Simple and intuitive management of adjustments to operating parameters via digital display keyboard

– Possibility of operation in “low energy” mode: reduced speed and acceleration, optimized for use by people with disabilities, according to the regulations in force
– Adjustments of the force and speed values in opening and closing that allow the management of different types of electric locks and the operation of the automation in different environmental conditions (wind or pressurized rooms)



Compact and extremely silent motor, equipped with a 100 pulse/revolution encoder to guarantee maximum safety in case of obstacle detection.