Electronic control unit for 230 V swing gate operators

P-750D770M Electronic control unit for one or two 230 V gate operators with soft-stop and built-in 433,92 MHz radio receiver, complete with enclosure.


• Automatic operation
• Semiautomatic operation
• Man present functions
• Pre-flashing disable
• Gate open led with proportional flashing
• Programming with TauApp (250T-WIFI)
• Running with TauOpen (250T-CONNECT)
• Photocell test at start of manoeuvre
• Disable photocell test
• Twin pair of photocells
• Close 5 secs after photocells
• Working time (TL) adjustment
• Gate open time (TCA) adjustment
• Gate open time (TCA) disable
• Delay wing closing
• Electronic force adjustment
• Step-by-step operation (openstop-close-stop-open)
• No reverse in opening manoeuvre
• Pedestrian feature
• Clock function
• Built-in radio card
• Slow-down
• Receiver preset for digital keypads

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