BSD (safety edges for sliding gates)

Safety edges for sliding gates

P-900BSD15 1,5 m deformable safety edge kit.
P-900BSD18 1,8 m deformable safety edge kit.
P-900BSD20 2 m deformable safety edge kit.
P-900BSD25 2,5 m deformable safety edge kit.


• electromechanical safety edge to stop the gate operator in case of impact
• rubber edge height: 60 mm


• Protection board completely deformable even on the upper part (where the micro switches are based) to assure a complete safety
• ideal for sliding gates and doors
• possible wireless application; the safety edge fitted to the leading edge of the gate will offer maximum safety and compliance to EN 12978 standards
• possibility to decide on a normally closed contact or a resistive 8,2 kΩ

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