Solar power

P-200PF40 50 Watt photovoltaic panel complete with adjustable fixing bracket in stainless steel.

P-200BATTMFR 12 Volt 27Ah battery.

P-200RCF Adjustment board for photovoltaic panel.

P-200PSP Support pole for photovoltaic panel.

P-200APP Wall fixing bracket.

P-200CB Box for battery 12 V 27Ah.


• photovoltaic panels can be combined with all TAU 12 V operators
• no need for power lines or a smart grid
• through the RCF adjustment board, the photovoltaic panel charges and controls the batteries. To ensure the operation of the panel even with cloudy weather, the number and capacity of the batteries will be calculated accordingly


• easy and quick installation
• ideal when the installation is far from available power lines
• battery ensures that the gate continues to work even in the event of prolonged cloudy weather
• energy saving and environmental friendly

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