Ethernet + Wi-Fi device to enable the use of the TauOpen application

P-250T-CONNECTW Device that connects to the home network via Wi-Fi, is installed inside the automation and allows communication with the TauOpen 2.0 app. An activation code for use with 3 smartphones is included.

P-250CODAT Activation code for 3 additional smartphones when using the TauOpen application to open/close and check the status of the door/gate.


• SMART: allows you to connect, interact and remotely control Tau automations for gates, barriers, garage doors and industrial doors
• EASY TO CONFIGURE: the connection of the module to the
home network, and therefore to the app of your smartphone, can be done in two ways: the first one with an ethernet cable; the second one by configuring the module with the home Wi-Fi


• it allows to remotely open/close the automation via app
• it allows to check the automation status via app
• one single app to open, close and control all Tau automations

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