“Ready, steady, go!”

The recent improve TAU did on LUXE barrier is about technical and security quality, the last few months have been needed to refine some details such as: safety, simplicity and protection.

The barrier must draw the drivers’ attention to deal with two aspects: manage the crossing consent and avoid that, due to the driver’s hurry or carelessness, the car hits the automatic barrier, tearing it off.

Tau solution is a new LED sign, integrated into the elliptical bar, today available also in the “traffic light” version: the LEDs in the bar flash red when the bar is closing, warning drivers that they have to stop. On the other hand, when the bar is opening, they light green, showing the car can go through safely.

The electrical panel housing requires perfect seal. The new expanded seal, applied directly on the top cover, guarantees the inside is kept dry and clean, preventing humidity and dust infiltrations. The seal is particularly resistant and is fixed in place, unchanged even after repeated maintenance.

A new ergonomic cover covers the arm fixing the elliptical barrier to the movement mechanical elements. These are protected and are covered with an element that makes the structure more elegant.