Side motors for sectional doors

Side motors for sectional doors

Side motors for sectional doors: the best for your company

If we talk about doors, gates and automatic closing, motors are the heart of the product to be installed and become an important focal point. It’s the case of the side motors for industrial doors, small and discrete accessories vital for the correct operation of the closures of your company or of the warehouse where you work. Let’s discover together what makes this type of motors so appealing.

Accessories that can make a difference

Not everybody knows that side motors for sectional doors were born to meet very specific requirements. In fact, in spite of traditional motors, sectional models are connected directly to the door spring-holding shaft, that is, the point rotation is transmitted from. This way, large or medium size doors can be moved easily, optimising the thrust of the forces and making the movement smooth.

Our team’s advice

Obviously, the choice of the most suitable side motors for the type of door to realize is not simple and the intervention of an expert is required. Our technicians can answer customers’ requests and recommend the right product for any requirement: contact us and we will be able to help you find the best accessories for your house.