Electric swing gate motor: how do you choose it?

Electric swing gate motor: how do you choose it?


Electric swing gate motor

What is a motor for an electric swing gate?

The motor for electric swing gates is an automatic system that allows improving the efficiency and usability of this closing system. Practical and silent, the motor allows opening and closing a swing gate by pressing a button on a remote control or wall switch; the gate will move quickly allowing the vehicles to go through.

Features of an swing gate motor:

An electric swing gate can be completed choosing an externally-fitted motor or an underground motor. Features can vary slightly between models, however it is possible to identify some characteristics common to all models. First of all, the motors for swing gates are designed for intensive and repeated use; for this reason automatic systems ensure high level performance in any environment, whether residential, commercial or industrial. Moreover, low voltage models guarantee top security thanks to anti-crushing and obstacle-detecting systems. In fact, thanks to the encoder they are fitted with, the leaves slow down at the end of their opening or closing travel, reducing the striking force to a minimum.

How do you choose the best motor for an electric gate?

It is not possible to identify an ideal motor in absolute terms, in fact the choice of the best motor for electric swing gate is connected to the reference context. For instance, if the available space is extremely small, it is possible to opt for a compact model with underground installation (R18/R18BENC). This second solution is particularly useful for those who do not want to modify in any way the aesthetics of the gate: an underground motor is not visible from the outside, so it can be easily coupled with both modern and classical gates. Finally, in choosing the best motor, it is possible to take into consideration the opportunity of completing the automatic system with optional accessories, from the LED flasher to the batteries.