How to HARD RESET the RADIO RECEIVER of the control board

How to HARD RESET the RADIO RECEIVER of the control board

Watch the new tutorial on our YouTube channel about how to HARD RESET the radio receiver on control boards K126MA and D749MA of the automatic gate and on K206MA of the automatic barrier.

Why is it necessary to HARD RESET the radio receiver?

This procedure is extremely important, as it allows to restore the factory parameters or rather entirely free up the memory of the radio receiver.


When is it necessary to do it?

The hard reset can be carried out when the user finds some malfuctions, like a communication failure between the transmitter and the control board for example, or when the second channel is wrongly used instead of the first one. The hard reset is also recommended when there are radio interferences due to external devices, like cranes, aerials or close industrial areas.


How to HARD RESET the radio receiver on the control board of the automatic gate

Press buttons PROG and CH1 at the same time for about 5 seconds, until DL7 and DL8 flash in red.

Release the same buttons and PRESS THEM AGAIN UNTIL THEY ARE FULLY TURNED ON. The control board and all its functions will be ready-to-use again ONLY AFTER the restoration of the leds

Recommendation of the installer:

Remember that all diamond control boards can memorize a maximum of 86 codes. After the hard reset of the receiver, all the memorized transmitters will be lost.

If there is an internal memory card, remember to take it off before the HARD RESET.

Which transmitters can be used?

Our control boards are enabled to memorize 433,92 Mhz TAU rolling code transmitters.

It is possible to use dip-switch transmitters only after having enabled the control board through the Tauprog handheld device.

Which Control Boards Can Be Hard Reset?

The hard reset procedure is extremely effective on TAU’s DIAMOND control boards: K206MA for automatic barriers, K126MA for sliding gates and D749MA for swing gates.